Powerful Security Technology

MaxxOne’s driving philosophy is to make robust security effortless and straightforward for everyone. After all, what good is having highly advanced technology in products that aren’t easy for you to access and convenient to set up? We put ourselves in the shoes of the user so that whether you’re a tech wizard or a technophobe, MaxxOne is the perfect fit.

So Simple, Anyone Can Use It

MaxxOne focuses on the highest level of performance, durability and functionality, whilst bringing you the best technology the market has to offer at affordable prices. Our research and development team work tirelessly to make sure that from the moment you pick your system, you’ll feel confident that from unboxing to installation to configuration, you’ve made the right choice. When it comes to security, the goal is to provide you with peace of mind and ultimate protection.

It’s Our Promise To You

Technology continues to advance at warp speed, and the interface between the user and the technology can be tricky to navigate. We’ve bridged the gap between advanced technology and the end user by building products that are focussed on ease-of-use and providing the best support to maximise your experience of the product. Stunning build quality. Effortless operation. Smooth set up. This is powerful security, made simple. This is MaxxOne.


I had never fitted or done any CCTV work before. I had decided to get a PoE system as less wires around the house. I fitted the plug and play PoE CCTV MaxxOne system and it all came on even direct to my phone via an app. Thanks for the advice and helpful info.

Daniel Carrigan

Finding your way around the set-up and control is very simple and the range of options is quite impressive for such a small device. 9/10

PSI Magazine Review for D8308 DVR

I bought a MaxxOne DVR to replace an older cheaper Ebay 'no name' DVR that I have had for a few years that started to play up. I thought that the older one was good but this one is far better with more options, easier to use settings, great software and (more importantly) a manual written in proper English. I have replaced 4 of the older system's cameras with new AHD ones and the difference in quality is stunning.

Peter L.


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