Press Releases

Product Recall: M1-PSU4-5A (May 2017 – 10 August 2017)

This post is to announce that in the interest of customer safety, MaxxOne are recalling product: M1-PSU4-5A sold between May 2017 – 10 August 2017 in the United Kingdom.

Unfortunately, MaxxOne has identified a quality issue with parts used for this shipment that could cause a potential hazard which has led to this decision. All MaxxOne distributors have been notified and if you have purchased this product during this time frame, MaxxOne urges you to contact your place of purchase for an immediate refund.

Items with this product code purchased outside this time period have been identified as safe to use and the problem will be corrected on the next UK shipment. MaxxOne apologises for any inconvenience this may cause.