My DVR doesn’t recognise my cameras but they are compatible, what should I do?

Some cameras have a protocol-selection dongle, a little like a small joystick and button rolled into one. Provided everything is correctly connected, use this to ensure you have set the camera to a supported protocol. We’ve specially designed our range of 4-in-1 cameras to work with as many devices as possible and our DVRs support analogue, AHD, TVI and even IP cameras via the LAN port.

Why do I see abnormal video signal or even no video signal by connecting the DVR and camera together?

Assuming the power supply for both devices is OK, check network cable at DVR side to see if the cable is firmly connected; if it is worn out and needs to be replaced; or to check if NTSC or PAL is selected consistently. If you are using a multi-format camera then please check that the video mode (AHD/CVBS/CVI/TVI) is correctly selected on both devices.

How do I switch video format between AHD/TVI/CVI/CVBS modes?

Press “left” key after 5 seconds then release : CVBS
Press “right” key after 5 seconds then release : TVI
Press “up” key after 5 seconds then release : AHD
Press “down” key after 5 seconds then release : CVI

What is Auto Electronic Shutter (AES)?

Built-in auto electronic shutter function speed can reach up to 1/100,000s.

What is Auto Gain Control (AGC)?

Built-in auto gain control (AGC) circuit allows the colour camera to use high definition resolution in low Lux conditions.

What is Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)?

Wide Dynamic Range allows you to use this camera in varying conditions of back-lighting, very bright, or very dark areas whilst still maintaining a clear image.

What is Noise Reduction?

If your image appears grainy from interference, then this setting allows you to correct it by selecting a suitable noise reduction setting (2D NR or 3D NR).

What is White Balance (WB)?

White Balance allows you to choose from pre-set white balance modes that help adjust the screen colour to ensure that the best possible picture is captured.

What is Automatic Exposure (AE) Mode?

Automatic Exposure allows you to choose from several AE settings that automatically select the appropriate shutter speed and/or aperture based on the camera environment conditions.