Digital Video Recorders

I have lost or cannot use my software CD. Where can I download the contents?

For Hawk D7500, D8300, D8400 series digital video recorders.

If you are missing your software CD or do not have access to a CD drive, you can download the software below.

Download the MaxxOne CCTV Viewer and software for Windows

Download the MaxxOne CCTV Viewer and software for Mac

The remote controller doesn’t work

Operate again by aiming the remote control at the IR receiver on the front panel. If it still doesn’t work, try to replace the batteries in the remote controller. If this still does not work then check if the remote controller is broken.

If the problem persists, please contact technical support or your local distributor for a replacement (fees may apply, check MaxxOne’s warranty policy for details).

I cannot connect my MaxxOne DVR to mobile app, how can I fix it?

The majority of time this is down to network configuration, rather than an issue with the DVR or anything you may have done during the installation. When it comes to the mobile app, always check that your mobile device is running the latest firmware and you’ve downloaded the newest version from either the Apple or Play store, before making changes to your CCTV setup.

Provided everything is connected properly, please see our port forwarding article which will guide you through getting the app working. If you’re already familiar with the process, the ports you need to forward for the DVR are 80, 554 and 9000.

Why does my MaxxOne DVR/NVR keep beeping?

Fortunately, it’s probably quite the opposite. All MaxxOne video recorders are set to perform an array of audible alarms, that are fully configurable and can be disabled at any time. The main event-based alarms are for signal loss (unplugged cameras), disk full and disk error.

  • When the disk is full it will overwrite the oldest footage provided overwriting has been set to auto. As this is going to be a recurring event it is perfectly normal to disable this alarm.
  • The signal loss alarm is very much down to the preference of the end user but generally speaking, it would be wise to leave this active, unless you have an intermittently faulty camera that keeps setting it off.
  • A disk error alarm will usually only sound if the hard drive is faulty, in which case you should look at getting the hard drive replaced as soon as possible. If you are using a non-genuine power supply, it could be that it is not sufficiently rated to power both the DVR and hard drive – in which case we recommend upgrading to a suitable power supply.

My DVR doesn’t recognise my cameras but they are compatible, what should I do?

Some cameras have a protocol-selection dongle, a little like a small joystick and button rolled into one. Provided everything is correctly connected, use this to ensure you have set the camera to a supported protocol. We’ve specially designed our range of 4-in-1 cameras to work with as many devices as possible and our DVRs support analogue, AHD, TVI and even IP cameras via the LAN port.

How do I backup footage?

You will need a storage device plugged into one of the USB ports, either a USB pen-drive or an external hard drive.

Visit the events section in the record search screen. Select the pieces of footage you want to backup by ticking the relevant boxes on the left-hand side and click “backup”. You’ll then be asked to select a backup type, which will decide what file format the video comes out as – the choice is either H264 or AVI.

How do I use motion detection to trigger recording?

You will need to access the record schedule screen (main menu > parameter > record). The grid you see here represents the 24 hours for each of the seven days in the week. At the top of the screen, select “motion” and populate the grid with the times you wish motion recording to be active. To remove the regular recording schedule select “normal”, at the top of the screen, and deselect the corresponding blocks of time on the grid.

Can I playback while recording?

Yes. The system supports the function of playing while recording.

How do I prevent the DVR/NVR from overheating?

The DVR needs to dissipate heat while it is running. Do not stack items on top of the device and please place the recorder in a place with good air circulation, away from heat sources to ensure stability and life of the DVR/NVR.

Why do I see abnormal video signal or even no video signal by connecting the DVR and camera together?

Assuming the power supply for both devices is OK, check network cable at DVR side to see if the cable is firmly connected; if it is worn out and needs to be replaced; or to check if NTSC or PAL is selected consistently. If you are using a multi-format camera then please check that the video mode (AHD/CVBS/CVI/TVI) is correctly selected on both devices.

I have changed the password but forget the new password, how can I access the system?

If you forget system password, please consult with our technical personnel. We strongly suggest that the user set a password that is easy to remember and relatively safe. If you have safety requirement, please do not set a very simple password, such as 000000.

What can I do if the system does not detect the HDD?

Check if the power supply system is properly connected and data cord and power cables are securely connected and if something wrong with the HDD interface. Or you may check if your HDD is supported by referring to the specifications or descriptions.

If the problem persists, please contact technical support.