FAQs: MaxxOne Kite Smart Alarm Systems

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about the MaxxOne Kite Smart Alarm Systems.


What is the fastest way to set up my new Kite system?

  • Download the “My KITE” app by MaxxOne from your app store.
  • Once installed, select “Add a new device” then “Quick Setup”.
  • Hold the network button till the panel beeps.
  • Find the kite network on your mobile device and enter the password (as shown on the app).
  • Enter the default passkey (1234) and wait for the app to complete pairing.

Why is the light flashing on my keypad?

  • When the keypad is connected to the mains, the status bar will blink with the colour corresponding to the current armed status. Once the charging cable has been disconnected the status bar will hold a solid light for 5-10 seconds before going into standby mode, to preserve battery life.

Why do I need to the plug siren in?

  • The supplied battery is primarily for use during a local power supply failure, and is not designed for typical operation. It is the operator’s duty to ensure that there is sufficient power supply to the siren.

How do I adjust the entry / exit delay timing?

  • Go to options, select “Advanced Settings” and then “more”.

One or more of my accessories has stopped functioning, what should I do?

  • Remove the accessory from your accessories list and re-pair with the app.
  • Ensure that you pay special attention to any low battery warnings that appear during operation.

We have multiple kite alarms at different locations, can I add my siren to more than one of them?

  • No. The indoor / outdoor sirens are for use with a single Kite alarm system only and will not work outside of the main panel’s transmission range.

How can I set up a system without a wifi-enabled router?

  • Connect the LAN cable prior to opening the app, you will still need to connect to the Kite’s own wifi network during the configuration process – this is something the Kite creates itself, and does not need a wifi-enabled router to do.
  • Once you have connected to the Kite’s wifi network, select the Local Area Network or LAN as the connectivity option instead of one of the listed wifi networks.

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