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How To Setup The Desktop Client

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We pride ourselves on accessibility. Wherever you are, we want you to make the most of your system. That’s why all MaxxOne recorders come with free remote viewing software that can be used on any Windows or Mac-based computer. Today we’ll discuss the easiest way to set this up, regardless of where you are in relation to the recorder.


  • Locate the disc that came with your recorder or use the following links for the Windows or Mac software and open the surveillance client installer.

  • Follow the onscreen prompts until you reach the screen asking to launch the client and click “Finish”.


  • On running the software for the first time, a wizard will guide you through the initial setup. Click “Next” to continue.

  • On the left-hand side of the screen, under the Devices column, choose “+ Add Device”.

  • Enter whatever you want to call the recorder as the “Device Name”.
  • Enter the P2P code into the “IP/ID” field.
    (This is on the sticker on top of your recorder or the mobile app’s device menu, if you’ve set that up)
  • By default the “Media Port” will be 9000.
  • Finally enter your username and password, as you would on the recorder.

  • When you are back on the screen with the Devices and Groups columns, click the “Import All” button in the middle of the screen.
  • A confirmation window will briefly appear in the bottom-right corner stating “Import All Devices Completed”, then click “Next”.

  • Select the “Main View” icon.
  • Click the small arrow to the left of the “DefaultGroup” folder, then the arrow to the left of your recorder’s name. You should now have a list of all the channels on your recorder.

  • Drag and drop a camera from the list into the viewing pane.
    (labelled as “Your Image” in the example below)
  • To view more than one camera, choose the second icon at the bottom of the screen labelled “Switch screen layout”.


You can now use your MaxxOne Recorder wherever you are, whenever you like.

For more in-depth instructions and information regarding how to use the other features on the surveillance client, please see the surveillance client guide pdf document that comes with the software.

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