Replacement & Warranty


Dear Customers

Thank you for purchasing MaxxOne products. In order to protect your rights and interests, please read the following Warranty Policy carefully.

1. Limited Warranty
2. Warranty Period
3. Warranty Exclusions
4. Warranty Claims and Validation
5. Limitation of Liability
6. Miscellaneous Provisions
7. Standard Warranty Conditions
8. Replacement/Repair Procedure


1.     Limited Warranty

This document sets out the standard MaxxOne warranty policy for MaxxOne products. MaxxOne provides a limited warranty to all MaxxOne products purchased within the European Economic Area. The warranty covers the main device, antenna and external power supply for any material or workmanship defects during the Warranty Period (defined below). Packaging, various cables, software products, technical data and other accessories are not covered under this warranty. The maximum liability of MaxxOne is equal to or no higher than the product’s purchased price.

 MaxxOne will not refund the defective products. If covered by the terms of this warranty MaxxOne will repair or replace the defective product at MaxxOne’s discretion. If the returned product is discontinued, and a repair is not economically possible, MaxxOne will replace it with an equivalent product.

 The purchaser is responsible for any carriage costs for sending products to and from their authorised service centre, details are laid out in the Normal Replacement Procedure.

 Note: Internal hard drives installed post-production into our digital video recorders are not installed by MaxxOne and are also not covered under this warranty, please refer to the hard drive manufacturer’s own warranty terms or contact the original place of purchase for assistance.


2.     Warranty Period

If you need help classifying your product(s), please hover-over the options below.

Product Type Warranty Period
MaxxOne Surveillance Products 2-Year
MaxxOne Electronic Products 1-Year
MaxxOne Wiring & Power Supply Products 3-Month
MaxxOne Satellite Products 3-Month
MaxxOne Home & Office Products (non-electrical) 3-Month


The ‘Warranty Period’ duration is from the date of purchase by the original end-user customer, if the Equipment has been repaired or replaced under warranty, the warranty applies until the end of the original Warranty Period, or three (3) months from the date of such repair/replacement, whichever is longer.


3.     Warranty Exclusions

Conditions disqualifying a product from Warranty include but are not limited to the following:
  • Any defect caused by misuse, improper installation or maintenance that is not required by MaxxOne;
  • Any defect caused by software, virus or improper use of self-made and non-public software;
  • Any product beyond the limited free replacement and repair period;
  • Any equipment where the manufacturer’s serial number has been altered, deleted, removed, or made illegible;
  • Any discrepancy between the product type and barcode or warranty card;
  • Any unauthorised modification to the supporting setting files or any authorised disassembly and repair;
  • Any defect caused by improper use in the working conditions beyond those stated in the literature (for example working conditions that are too hot/cold, wet/dry; high altitude; instable electric current and voltage and so on)
  • Any defect caused by personal disaster or improper maintenance, such as mechanical damage, serious oxidation and rusting, animal damage, over exertion and so on;
  • Any defect caused by transportation or loading during returning voyage;
  • Any defect caused by natural disaster such as earthquake, fire, flood, thunder strike and so on;
  • Any other defects that are not caused by workmanship, technique, product quality and the like;
  • Any consumable parts
  • Any equipment which has been adjusted or adapted without MaxxOne’s prior written consent, including (but not limited to): upgrading the equipment beyond specifications or features described in the instruction manual, or modifications to the Equipment to conform it to national or local technical or safety standards in countries other than those for which the Equipment was specifically designed and manufactured.*


Conditions that Disqualify Product from Warranty in the external power supply include:
  • The returned power supply has obvious damage, fissure, broken pins, severe deformation;
  • The returned power cord is broken, has naked core and damages like this.

*Installation of a hard disk drive to a bare bones unit is an accepted modification and is allowed under this policy under the condition that no other internal parts are affected.


4.     Warranty Claims and Validation

Warranty claims are subject to:

• The purchaser presenting to MaxxOne (either via the properly authorized MaxxOne distribution partner from whom the product was purchased or by contacting MaxxOne directly, see Normal Replacement Procedure stated below) the original sales invoice (indicating the date of purchase by the original end-user customer, serial number and the original dealer’s name) together with the defective Equipment within the Warranty Period; and
• Inspection by MaxxOne (or its authorised service agent) disclosing to the satisfaction of MaxxOne that the defect in the Equipment has arisen from defects in workmanship or materials during the Warranty Period;
• none of the exclusions applies.


5.     Limitation of Liability

The express warranty above shall be the full extent of MaxxOne’s liability. Accordingly, MaxxOne disclaims all other liability for loss or damage howsoever caused (except for death or personal injury resulting from proved negligence) arising out of the purchase, possession, sale or use of the equipment and all other terms, conditions, and warranties express or implied, arising out of trade usage or otherwise are hereby excluded. In no event shall MaxxOne be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages including, but not limited to the infringement of any intellectual property rights, delays, or inaccurate information or advice. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the customer’s statutory rights (if any) are not affected.


 6.     Miscellaneous Provisions

  • No person, including any distributor, dealer, agent or representative of MaxxOne is authorised to assume for MaxxOne any liability on its behalf or in its name.
  •  The purchaser is not entitled to rely on any representations made either orally or in writing by or on behalf of MaxxOne save for those made fraudulently.


7.     Standard Warranty Conditions

 Customer Data on media

MaxxOne has no liability to the owner of the Data or any third party for any loss, damage or corruption to any data, information or footage (together “Data”) stored on any media passed to MaxxOne. In the event that the media contains Data, the destruction of which would lead to the owner suffering loss, MaxxOne therefore recommends that the owner of such Data, makes suitable copies of all such Data before the media is supplied to MaxxOne, and/or obtains adequate insurance to protect themselves from such loss.


8.     Repair/Replacement Procedure

 Rapid Repair/Replacement

If you are experiencing product defects within the warranty period, please FIRST contact the online/retail store/installer where you originally purchased the product(s) to ensure a rapid replacement as your original guarantee may still be in place.

 Normal Repair/Replacement

If the store no longer accepts your claim, you may process it through MaxxOne’s RMA program by following the steps below. Please note; we cannot accept any package without an RMA number.

WARNING: Customers are advised to make back-up copies of all software and/or data sent to or accompanying products sent to MaxxOne. MaxxOne is not responsible for any damage to or loss of any programs, data or other information stored on any media or any part of the Equipment which may be returned for service under this warranty. Third-party equipment (such as hard disk drives) installed within our products by the reseller or end-user should be removed before returning the product to MaxxOne. MaxxOne is not liable for any damage to third-party equipment during the Replacement/Repair Procedure.

•   Step 1 – Consult our Support section of the website for answers to your issue. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for then proceed to contact us via our messaging facility to receive further help. If you are sure this is a materials or workmanship defect you can proceed to Step 2.

•   Step 2 – Complete our RMA form, including all required sections, providing as much information as possible. Then save the completed form.

•   Step 3 – Email the completed form to our support team email address; . If accepted MaxxOne support team will then reply with your RMA number and RMA instructions of how to send your product(s).

•   Step 4 – Send defective product(s), proof of purchase, along with RMA number clearly displayed on the outside of the parcel to your local MaxxOne service centre (address will be provided in Step 3).
Note: Customers are responsible for the shipping fee in Step 3. If purchase receipt can’t be provided, the warranty period shall be calculated from the product’s manufacturing date.

•   Step 5 – Once the defective product is received, MaxxOne will send back a replacement/repaired unit. If the equipment has been repaired or replaced under warranty, the warranty applies until the end of the original Warranty Period, or three (3) months from the date of such repair/replacement, whichever is longer.
Note: MaxxOne shall charge an appropriate shipping fee for the goods to be returned to you in step 5. Payment instruction will be sent to you during Step 5 when your repaired/replacement product(s) are ready to be dispatched. The amount of this charge depends on your location, contact us to find out the shipping rate from your nearest MaxxOne service centre.

Please Note:
  • MaxxOne may reject or return products without accessories or an assigned RMA number.
  • If the purchase receipt can’t be provided, the warranty period shall be calculated from the product’s manufacturing date basing on Serial Number (SN).
  • Customers’ are responsible for the shipping fees to send defective products to and from MaxxOne service centres.
  • MaxxOne is not responsible for damage occurred during shipment.
  • MaxxOne will charge a service fee to replace your product if it is outside the warranty period.