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Reassigning PTZ Dome IDs (Addresses)

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If you’re reading this then chances are you have more than one PTZ camera on the same system and they’re not moving independently. You’ll be glad to know this isn’t a fault with the cameras or an issue with your recorder, this is just down to the default dome ID settings.

PTZ cameras have a dome ID (otherwise referred to as an address) which the recorder will use to identify which camera to send commands to. As all cameras are set to 001, by default, this means the recorder will be giving commands to all PTZ cameras until they have been given unique dome IDs.

This guide will explain how to change the dome ID on the camera and which settings to change on the recorder to facilitate this. This guide assumes you have already connected the camera to the recorder and set the protocol, baudrate, etc. accordingly.

Accessing The Camera’s On-Screen Display (OSD)

Using the mouse or remote control:

  • Click on the live-view pane for the camera you want to make changes on, to bring up the mini-toolbar
  • Click the PTZ icon, to bring up the PTZ control interface
  • Press the > arrow next to the zoom’s + button
  • Enter 095 in the preset field and click GO TO

OSD Controls

Use your mouse to drag the PTZ control interface to one side so you can see the OSD clearly, it will look like a lot of white writing overlayed onto the camera’s image. If you do not see this, please repeat the above step and check your manual to see if your model also uses 095 to access it. While the OSD is open, the arrows on the PTZ control interface work as follows:

  • Up and down: move the cursor / change selected parameter
  • Right: select parameter
  • Left: back

Changing The Dome ID Via The OSD

  • Select DOME
  • Select COMM
  • Select CHECK ID and change it to match DEVICE ID
  • Select left which will change the cursor to EXIT
  • Now change the TARGET ID to what is needed 
  • Select SAVE

Reconfiguring The Recorder

  • Select the camera’s corresponding channel
  • Set the address number to match the dome ID you assigned in the last section
  • Click SAVE

We hope you found this article easy-to-follow and that you are now comfortable reassigning dome IDs (addresses) on your PTZ cameras. We are happy to answer any further questions you may have on this matter, you can contact us via the web form or by calling our technical support team.

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