What are IR LEDs?

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Infra-red LEDs are used to illuminate a dark area a dark area for viewing. As light levels fall, the infra-red lights switch on automatically changing the image to black and white. The majority of cameras on the market now feature Infra-red lighting, and with more or larger LEDs you can usually expect an increase in illumination range.

There are also 2 distinct types of LEDs to be aware of:

Dual In-Line Package (DIP) Surface Mounted Technology) (SMT)

Where possible you should aim to acquire cameras with SMT LEDs which have several advantages over DIPs:

  • Extended camera lifespan, with around 20% slower light fading
  • Energy efficient, requiring fewer LEDs
  • Reduced running costs by saving on electricity
  • Better heat dissipation directly to onboard heat sink
  • Up to 20% better stability compared with patch-LED in same conditions
  • Better lighting effect

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